Material Teaching aid

March 31, 2011


This is the plasma membrane model that I built as for the material teaching aid.

I used a polystrene to shape the model into round,oval and straight. The colour of each part of the model does not represent the real colour it has in the plasma membrane. I just make it colourful to attract the students attention.

I also labelled some part of the model to show the position of the component in the membrane. I think by using this 3D model is much more easier to make students understand better compared to looking at the diagram in the textbook.

This is the plasma membrane model in different angle of picture





The yellow one represent the hydrophilic region while the matches that I used represent the hydrophobic region where the water cannot pass through the plasma membrane. The green one represent the carrier protein which help to transfer substance across the membrane.


Photos of technology and cool invention

March 22, 2011

Coolest new invention from japan

The Anshinkun-2 is a light, small timer that you wear like an earphone. With this gadget, you won’t miss your stop on the train even if you’re napping. Simply set the alarm for the time you want to get off, and the Anshinkun-2 will wake you up before the train leaves the station.

MP3 sunglasses

Stylish glasses with MP3 pl

ayer built in – this innovation strongly enters into life together with other inventions. The producers offer protection against harmful ultra-violet beams and 100% guarantee of a quality of lenses. Except for volume of internal memory (128 ÌÂ) there is a microphone andUSB interface. But all this is in a combination with stylish glasses. There is also software to help you manage your favourite music.

Solar gadget fashion

One of the  most talked about ways  go to green right now is opting to use solar technologies by harnessing the power of the sun. In honor of Earth Day, this special two-part feature highlights the top 100 solar inventions.

Solar energy is one of the top sustainable energy sources, and its potential is incredible, as highlighted by the following bits of Trend Candy. They’re arranged by category, starting with electronics like cell phones and computers, and gadgets like charging stations, followed by fashion and solar-powered bags.

Mini Digital Camera Recorder

Who would have thought that the colleague who is busy writing away in the corner is actually recording the goings on in the office? Well, he can with the Mini Pen Digital Camera Recorder. It’s a high resolution, real-time camcorder that records video in its built-in 4 Gb flash memory. No one will suspect you because the camcorder works just like any other pen, you turn on the recorder just like you would normally activate a pen. You can then plug the pen into a USB port for playback of the video.

Bladeless fan

Dyson fans use Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it. With no blades or grille, they are safe and easy to clean.

The British inventor of the cyclone vacuum cleaner reckons his latest invention – jet-engine technology fans – are both cheaper and better than air-conditioning units.

The technology inside Dyson’s bladeless fans works by sucking up to 33 litres of air into the cyclone accelerator, in a similar way to a jet-engine or a turbo-charger in a car.

Air is sucked in through the base by a 40 watt electric motor, and then pushed out at high speed through a lip which runs around the inside of its circular head.

As this is forced out, other air is drawn into the airflow, resulting in the expulsion of 405 litres every second.

The fan also has a dimmer-type switch, which means the powerful current can be easily controlled.

The Car driven by compressed air – The AirPod

MIDI has now launched the first air powered automobile after years of inventing and chasing investors. The AirPod runs solely on compressed air that makes the engine and cylinder run. MIDI puts hope in this innovative alternative to fuel driven cars and claims it will become a market competitor in the future

Smart faucet from iHouse- new gadget in your bathroom

The SmartFaucet by iHouse is highly convenient due to its characteristics: it has a face recognition technology. The essence of this technology is the following: the camera recognizes you and the faucet remembers different temperature settings for each member of your family and automatically adjusts the temperature of the water to the preferred level. The water is heated with a built-in internal heating coil, and, moreover, there are LEDs which change the color of the water from blue to red to show its temperature.

Conceptual keyboard without keys

Russian studio Art. Lebedev who released Optimus Maximus – a keyboard where each key is a stand-alone OLED-display, earlier this year is back with a new concept. Their new product Optimus Tactus is a keyboard built up by a single touch-display, making it possible to create your own keyboard layout. This feature gives you the possibility to have a customised keyboard interface for each application. To me the concept pictures looks great, but I must say that I think I will miss not feeling the key strokes with my fingers as I write.

Concept invention toast

This concept toaster from US based company Inventables must be indispensable for any kitchen gadget freak, or anyone who is just a sucker for perfect toast in the morning. With a transparent toaster you can watch the bread turn that lovely roasted color and push the button when it’s ready. The idea is to use a transparent heating glass technology – unfortunately the glass still isn’t getting hot enough to toast a slice of bread. Cool idea though.

Portable induction cooktop



Roll-Up – a foldable portable induction cooktop. Standard cooktops have heating components in close proximity to electronic components, which requires a good insulation layer between them. The result is a compact but thick product. Roll-up, on the other, hand separates the two components rendering the heating component very thin and elegant. In addition, when induction coils are made smaller, as is the case with the Roll-Up, the heating component can be folded. Electronic component is placed in a fancy looking hard-drive like case. These features of the Roll-Up enable portability of this cooktop


Book Cover

March 14, 2011

As for one of my assignments requirement, i was told to do the book cover. After looking for a few ideas, I think I want to implement the love element in the chemistry subject.

It sounds quite ridiculous but after some time, i come up with the idea, chemistry is love.

My idea was to show to the students that chemistry aren’t just about the subject, we can find the ‘chemistry’ in other things too. The title was create to attract the students attention for not just think that chemistry is a boring subject. You can create a ‘bond’ in chemistry subject, if you really understand the meaning of ‘chemistry’

So, this is my book cover. This is my first time using the adobe photoshop cs3 seriously. before this I just scribble around with it.


Reflection: week 9

February 25, 2011

Alhamdulillah,week after week goes by and i think its getting better and i can just go with the flow everything that happened around me.

Today’s tutorial was cancelled due to the Maulidur Rasul parade that involved certain lecturers.  So, during the tutorial period, me and my group discussed about the video and we redo the concept and rewrite the plot of the story. I have to say that i practically satisfied with the latest ideas. All of us had fun, laughing and joking around while planning for the plot.

And alhamdulillah, with 7 brains that worked out to get the ideas, we finally done with our video plot. I can’t wait to show to mejar Jasmy and hope that we can get his approval on this idea. Same goes to our essay assignment regarding the factor’s that prevent the science teachers from using teaching media. We had done with the questionnaire and the objectives. The next step is to show it to our tutor for approval, and we ready to work on the assignment!

Last week, me and my friends went to Tasik Cempaka near Bangi, just to take a few shot that we learned in the lecture before. Remember I told about the long shot,wide shot, very wide shot and etc..etc.. that we learned in the lecture?

It was fun to try all the shots that we learned, since we can really experience how to snap a very good pictures. This is my first time do the photograph session seriously..i used the material around me such as tree, lake, the clouds, people around me..it was quite difficult to find the right angle and the clear picture just like i want to. I wonder how the photographers out there have the patience to wait until they get the right pictures 🙂

As for the lectures today, we was introduced with Dr. Arif, he is one of our lecturer in this course. He taught us about Assure Model. Which, i have come across with this lecture before with En. Khalid. But, never mind..learning for the second time make us remember more. And it was! 🙂

Dr. Arif really has a great personality and a great sense of humor! remember to bring along the spectacle for the next lecture Dr! hihi


Reflection: week 8

February 25, 2011


Alhamdulillah for i’ve been given a strength to still sit down in front of the laptop and my fingers are still capable to dance freely on the keyboard to express my thought here 🙂

As for this week, it was quite an interesting week for us. Mejar Jasmy’s lecture made my heart sad. The input and the moral of the lecture really alarmed me and make me believe in becoming the best teacher to all of my future students.

The lecture was about the video of documentary regarding the teachers who were sent to the suburb area with very poor facilities. Despite the lack in facilities especially in transportation and communication, these teachers are true hero’s where they risk themselves just to make sure that the students will not be the generation that is left behind in society.

Even the principal of the school use the bamboo raft and crossed the slippery and very dangerous river just to get to the school. Their spirit is high and their intention is pure. They  did not look for the name, or for the award.

They just want the next generation to be somebody useful by means of educate them. Now i realize just how big the teacher’s role in determining the next generation’s life.

Being a teacher is wonderful. 🙂


Reflection: week 7

February 25, 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.t 🙂

Alhamdulillah, for i’ve been given an opportunity to be in good condition, in health and mind.

So,as for this week, in the tutorial session, mejar Jasmy showed us a few examples regarding the video that was made by his ex- students. Some of them did the karaoke concept, which means they just put some pictures and add the song for the background music. Mejar Jasmy showed us from the amateur one to the professional video maker.

I think this is one of the best way for us to differentiate between the product of the professional and amateur. And it can be a perfect guideline for us to choose which one that we want to follow.

There was not much things that we did in the tutorial, except that, in the end of tutorial me and my group discussed about the concept of video and the plot the story that we want to put in. Once discussed, a flow of ideas coming out. And each one of us give an opinion and wrote it on paper.

I never thought discussing about video was going to be fun. To me it was fun because we can put the idea and express our thought on the project. Alhamdulillah, we came up with a concept and we were looking forward to showed this idea to out tutor.

In the lecture class, mejar Jasmy thought us about the angle that we are supposed to take. Well, actually this lecture was the one and similar with Dr. Rosseni’s lecture before the holiday. But, never mind. I think i won’t lose anything in learning the same thing for second time. ^_^


Reflection: week 6

February 21, 2011

In the name of Allah,the Benificient, the Merciful.

Alhamdulillah,its been a long one week of holiday for us.well, i already feel the burden of mid semester examination that is just around the corner!

on this week, as usual..we still didn’t proceed with any of our project for educational technology course. Most of us are still blur and cannot come up with one good idea for the project. At first, we thought our assignment is just the video making and taking pictures. So..i guess that is why most of us thought,it fine..we can do this thing on the last week of semester. But we were completely WRONG!

Luckily, Mejar Jasmy came into class and took us as his students for the tutorial! meaning..we already have a new tutor.and new classmates, since we all combine together with the special education students. yeay for us!

but, despite our happiness on getting the new tutor, we were shocked with the assignments that we need to do..actually, there were lots of things that we need to move on..we have to do the illustration for book cover,snap 10 pictures in different angles, download 10 videos from youtube, mmm…what else..ou yes, we need to collect 10 pictures regarding the science and technology from the internet, and there are 2 group work, which are the video making project (yes, we know that since the first day) and also the reports about what is the factors that prevent the science teachers from using the technology (or something like that..i already forgot the title =p)

the list of assignments has been added safely into my to-do-list.yeay for us on getting new assignment *applause*

personally, to me, eventhough there were a lot of things to do.but, the assignment was fun! so..i cant say no for this tasks.mmm..well then, Mejar Jasmy showed us a few examples on amature video that featuring him.hehe..actually, he focused on the elements that we need to have in making video, such as an audio, the narrator, a text..the angles and many more.

this week tutorial really awake me from the dream.as i thought before, there was nothing for me to do in this class..but now.i have to start with the simple task given.firstly, i need to collect 10 pictures and 10 video on youtube.

well, better get going and settle the work! time is ticking! *tick tock tick tock*